A Quick Trip through North Cyprus: 5 Regions to Rest, Live and Invest!


Today, North Cyprus is the country with the most affordable real estate on the Mediterranean coast. The price of apartments and villas in North Cyprus is several times lower than in its neighboring countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy.

Territorially, the country is divided into several large provinces, and each of them has its unique features. Some areas better suit for permanent residence, while housing in other areas should be considered exclusively for investment purposes.

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Famagusta (Gazimagusa) – Historical Museum in the Open Air!

Part of the old city is protected by UNESCO, and the narrow streets of the city are filled with a thousand years of history. At different times, Famagusta was owned by Greeks, Byzantines, Romans and Turks, and this left a significant mark on architectural structures.

Here is the St. Barnabas Monastery and the famous Lala Mustafa Mosque, which used to be the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Fans of medieval architecture will be interested in the Venetian Palace and the Tomb of Celebi Mehmet. In total, there are about three dozen of architectural and historical monuments in Famagusta, and each of them is worth to be visited and seen in detail.

In addition, this city is visited because of the excellent beach holiday. The sandy beaches of Famagusta can be envied even by the legendary Tenerife. Even in high season, you can always find a free place for a secluded holiday. Prices for beach holidays are lower than in Spain and Turkey and much lower than in the southern part of the island.

The most important thing to say about Famagusta is that it is a student city, of which the Eastern Mediterranean University is located at the entrance. It is the oldest and one of the largest universities on the island. It has more than 16,000 students from 111 countries. “

The main part of the English-speaking diaspora lives just here, and English is heard in the streets almost more often than Turkish. There is even a so-called “English” block, where natives from the British Empire live.

In recent years, Famagusta and its suburbs have seen the strongest growth in real estate construction. Residential complexes are not only built on the outskirts of the city but also near the historical center. Thus, with the same success, it is possible to buy housing for own residence and for renting out to students.

The so-called “student real estate” is built within walking distance from the university, and in most cases, it is purchased for the purpose of investing free funds. Real estate in Famagusta is a perfect option for investments, the profitability of which can be up to 18% per annum.

Girne (Kyrenia) – the Largest Port City in the Country

One of the largest cities in North Cyprus is known not only for the commercial port but also for a very beautiful cobbled promenade with coffee houses, where you can taste very strong Turkish coffee.

Girne is called the Nice of North Cyprus, and the city completely fits this name. Girne is where the most luxurious restaurants and hotels of the country are located, and the city itself lives in the European way. Kyrenia is annually visited by about 100 thousand of tourists, and their number increases every year. In Girne, you can find cheap hostels, accommodation in which will cost 20 euro, and luxury five-star hotels, with the level of service not worse than in France or Spain.

There are not as many sights in this city compare to Famagusta, but those that have survived to the present day definitely deserve attention.

For example, the perfectly preserved Abbey of Bellapais is in excellent condition and is a real tourist complex where you can buy souvenirs from local craftsmen or taste traditional local cuisine.

In addition, in the suburbs of Girne, there is the oldest undestroyed Christian monastery, built in the times of the Byzantine Empire.

Kyrenia perfectly suits for permanent residence with the whole family, as it has highly developed urban infrastructure and a great part of the state institutions and branches of large companies is located here. Girne is rich in large supermarkets, shopping and exhibition centers, and has Museum of Orthodox Icons.

Young people will definitely like Girne because the most popular nightclubs of the country are concentrated here. And despite the fact that North Cyprus is a Muslim country, people have fun here at the European level, without any restrictions in music or alcohol.

Morphou (Guzelyurt) – the Fruit Capital of North Cyprus!

Morphou is located along a very beautiful bay on the northern coast of the island. The Turkish name of the city is Guzelyurt, which is literally translated as “bloomy garden” and this excellently characterizes the whole province as well.

Morphou is surrounded by citrus gardens occupying dozens of hectares. This is the real fruit capital of the country, where 80% of all citrus fruits are grown. Citrus fruits of all kinds grow here. And this is the main income of local exports because Cyprus oranges and lemons are of great value all over the world. During the harvest season, the price per one kilogram of fresh orange falls to several liras.

The markets of Morphou are also popular. You can buy the highest quality fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh seafood at any time of the year. Prices are much lower than in Turkey. For example, one kilogram of lemons can be purchased for $0.30-0.46, and it will be the highest quality fruits.

The most significant sight of the region is the St. Mamas Monastery. A large Orthodox Monastery is created at the junction of Greek and Byzantine styles and combines their best sides. The iconostasis of the wooden monastery, created by hand, is considered as one of the oldest monasteries preserved in the world.

In addition, in the vicinity of the city are the ruins of the ancient city of Soli with the Roman amphitheater and the ruins of Vouni Palace built in 500 year B.C.

This region is considered the most peaceful and secluded place in North Cyprus!

Buying real estate here will be especially appropriate for those who are not interested in noisy cities and night parties!  Morphou Province will be the ideal place for your second home if you prefer the harmony of nature, unforgettable sea and mountains views instead of the noisy civilization with a large number of tourists.

Nicosia (Lefkosa) – Capital of an Unrecognized State

Nicosia is a unique city for the whole Cyprus. The fact is that this city is divided into two parts, and at the same time, it is the capital for the Northern and Southern part of the island. There are UN peacekeepers and checkpoints on the dividing strip.

All government agencies, branches of large banks and representative offices of companies that operate in North Cyprus are located in Nicosia. In addition, the city has a large private university with about 8,000 students.

Despite the status of the world’s only divided city, Nicosia has enough iconic sights to visit when having a trip to North Cyprus. The Venetian Column, the tombs of the ancient sheikhs, the Selimiye Mosque and the Ethnographic Museum of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are worth visiting and seeing.

Lefkosa is the nearest city from Ercan International Airport. The travel time by car will not take more than 15 minutes. The route to the seacoast will take not more than 40 minutes.

Despite the capital status, Nicosia is not the best place for permanent residence. The capital is perfect for doing business or conducting business negotiations.

We recommend buying a holiday home closer to the sea, but buying real estate for investment purposes is quite justified because many students prefer to live in a rental apartment, rather than on campus.

Iskele (Karpaz) – the Most Dynamically Developing Region of the Country

At the moment, Iskele is the most ecologically clean area of the country, located on the Karpaz Peninsula which is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from all sides. Particularly, this area has a perfect climate and all the conditions for a beach holiday.

It is enough to say that a sandy beach named Long Beach with a length of 25 kilometers is located particularly in Iskele. Modern industry has hardly affected the region, and large-scale construction of coastal housing complexes has only been launched in recent years.

It should be noted that the Karpaz Peninsula is considered a national reserve, so it is forbidden to erect buildings using concrete or bricks. All buildings are erected with the use of environmentally friendly materials, which significantly increases their cost.

There are several Orthodox churches in Iskele reminding that Cyprus was a Greek territory for a long time.

First of all, the St. James Church, dated 15 century can be mentioned. The temple was perfectly preserved, and later, it was carefully recreated with the help of Russian restorers.

The Church of St. Mary must not be left out of account. Inside the temple, there is a rare Museum of Orthodox Icons, which contains more than a hundred of valuable exhibits.

Fans of antiquity can visit the ruins of the city of Urania, which was the center of Greek civilization during the reign of Alexander the Great.

Recreation and accommodation in Iskele are suitable for those who are tired of the bustle of big cities and dream of peaceful rest in nature. Between October and April, the Mediterranean coast in this region is completely deserted.


Despite their small size, the regions of North Cyprus are quite different from each other. Tourists wishing to spend a special holiday are recommended to pay attention to the busy and active Girne or the deserted beaches of Iskele.

The most advantageous options for investors are inexpensive student real estate or premium class villas in the vicinity of Famagusta.

Whatever your choice will be, North Cyprus is a unique country that can be both a second home and a place for a profitable investment.

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