Buying real estate in North Cyprus: introductory tour for all customers!


1. What is an introductory tour?
1.1.  Tour classification
1.2. What pre-sale service does our company offer?

2. Conclusion

Our company organizes introductory tours for its customers so that a potential investor and buyer from any part of the world could have a full understanding of the purchased real estate! We understand that even the best descriptions and colorful photos cannot be compared with a personal visit. The practice of organizing an introductory tour is successfully applied all over the world and is an integral part of the pre-sale service.

In this article, we will explain in detail what an introductory tour is and how to take advantage of its opportunities right now!

What is an introductory tour?

This type of pre-sale service is not only an opportunity to travel around the country and choose a real estate object for life or investment but also a great opportunity to get to know the realities of local life on the island. See with your own eyes how people live, analyze the place as a future home for you and your family and plunge into the atmosphere of traditions and local attractions! However, do not confuse the tour with a tourist trip. The introductory tour lasts several days and has the following objectives:

  • selection of a real estate object for living or investment;
  • getting to know local traditions and customs of local residents;
  • as part of additional promotions, we offer accommodation in comfortable apartments, walks along the beaches and excursions to attractions!

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Tour classification

Showing of the real estate is planned individually for each potential investor. It is advisable to have a preliminary idea of the administrative division of the state and determine the region in which the objects of interest are located.

This type of pre-sale service has some kind of classification.

Each option in detail is considered below:

  • From the developer

The trip is organized by the developer. Naturally, during the trip, only the objects that belong to this developer will be shown to you and nothing more.

Other objects will simply not be shown, and there will be no time to visit them on your own. This option is best suited for people who are interested in a certain residential complex, and they only choose which apartment (or villa) is worth buying.

  • From the agency

In this case, the investor will see the property from several developers. This significantly increases the number of housing options offered and allows you to choose a really suitable option.

This is the best option if you have not yet decided on a residential complex, but have a great desire to become the owner of a property abroad.

In addition, introductory tours are classified by financial inflows:

  • With obligations

The customer will have to buy the real estate for a certain amount. In turn, all expenses for the trip are borne by the agency, and the customer only has to choose the apartment and sign the purchase contract.

This is not the best option, as usually the customer is shown housing at increased prices, but he will not be able to refuse from its acquisition (or get a discount).

  • Without obligations

The customer does not have to purchase the real estate on a mandatory basis but bears part of the cost of the introductory tour. As a rule, the potential buyer pays for air tickets. The developer or the company engaged in the sale of housing pays for accommodation.

This option is much preferable, as the customer does not assume any obligations and can refuse to purchase housing if he does not like it.

What pre-sale service does our company offer?

We appreciate and respect our customers, and therefore, we offer the best — an introductory tour without any obligations. You only need to buy tickets, and we will take care of the rest!

Usually, the trip to North Cyprus lasts 2-3 days. You might think that this time won’t be enough, but it is not so. A few days stay in North Cyprus is quite enough to get to know the life in a particular region from the inside and choose the most optimal type of real estate.

Moreover, our specialists will help you book tickets and make the route so that the waiting time for the flight between Istanbul and North Cyprus is minimal.

In addition, our specialists are ready to advise you on any questions related to the purchase of housing. Also, they will help you to find a lawyer (if necessary) and can be excellent guides, telling about local attractions.

And remember that you only have to pay for the flight! Our company will do everything else for you!


When purchasing real estate in North Cyprus, whether for investment or permanent residence, do not neglect such an important stage as an introductory tour. Only if you visit the island personally, you will be able to see the quality of the offered apartments and villas, and understand how exactly North Cyprus suits you!

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