North Cyprus Real Estate: 5 common myths and the real situation in the country! The most up-to-date information on the status of the TRNC


  1. The five most “terrible” myths
    1.1. North Cyprus is a very dangerous place
    1.2. TRNC is a military base of Turkey
    1.3. All real estate purchased by foreigners will be transferred to the Greeks
    1.4. The northern part of the island is completely isolated
    1.5. Turkish Cypriots are religious fanatics
  2. Who benefits from spreading negative information?
  3. ECHR Decision No. 186 as of 05.03.2010

To the present day, North Cyprus remains an unknown country for many people of the post-Soviet space. Only a few people know that North Cyprus is a very promising state, both in terms of investment and as a place for recreation or permanent residence.

In this article, we will explain the common myths and the real situation in North Cyprus, as well as explain those spreading these rumors and why. In addition, we will talk about the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, which put an end to the land dispute between the TRNC and the Republic of Cyprus. We will also explain why buying real estate in North Cyprus is safe.

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The five most “terrible” myths

The unrecognized status of North Cyprus has given rise to many rumors and gossips. The reality is that life in the TRNC is quieter and more comfortable than in the neighboring Republic of Cyprus or Greece.

North Cyprus is a very dangerous place

It is widely believed that since North Cyprus is not recognized by the world community, there is a mess on the territory of the country. That’s an absolute lie. The authorities are trying to develop their country, so they are carefully monitoring compliance with the law. For a state with a temporarily uncertain status, the only way to attract tourists and investments is 100% compliance with laws, civil rights and protection of private property. North Cyprus follows these principles successfully. The crime rate in the TRNC is many times lower than in Greece or the Republic of Cyprus.

It is enough to say that throughout 2018 in North Cyprus, there was not a single serious crime.

TRNC is a military base of Turkey

Evil tongues claim that if you come to North Cyprus, you will only see thousands of Turkish soldiers on armored vehicles.

This is an inept and very stupid lie. There are not more than 2 thousand military personnel of Turkey in the northern part of the island, and they occupy only military bases, which are away from resort areas.

As a rule, tourists face UN peacekeeping forces (the so-called white helmets), which control the “green” line.

For example, in Egypt, Tunisia or Israel, there are ten times more military men on the streets, and tourists are not confused by their presence.

All real estate purchased by foreigners will be transferred to the Greeks

This is the most stable rumor spread by the Greek Cypriots, which is absolutely not true. In 2010, the European Court of Human Rights resolved that foreigners should not compensate the funds to Greek Cypriots in case of acquisition of real estate in the so-called disputed territories.

We recommend you to read the article about guarantees for the purchase of real estate in North Cyprus.

Due to this, the real estate market in the country has grown tenfold, and now, villas and apartments in North Cyprus are in steady demand throughout Europe.

The northern part of the island is completely isolated

This rumor is spread by some irresponsible politicians. Naturally, it is not true. In fact, the TRNC actively cooperates with many states, including Turkey, which has fully recognized North Cyprus. Cooperation is carried out in the cultural, sports and economic spheres.

The country has embassies and consulates of the USA, France, Britain, Germany and Australia. Every year, hundreds of thousands of citizens of these countries come to have a rest in North Cyprus; therefore, international isolation is nonsense.

Moreover, there are several international universities in the country, where students from many countries of the world study.

Turkish Cypriots are religious fanatics

Undoubtedly, the Turkish Cypriots are Muslims, but there are no riots that are happening in Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Egypt.

It is necessary to understand the specifics of local residents. The Turkish Cypriots lived in the neighborhood with the Greeks for a long time, and they developed excellent tolerance for people of other faiths and religions.

Today, about 20% of all citizens in North Cyprus come from the UK, Russia, Germany and Australia. In Famagusta are entire British quarters in which English sounds much more often than Turkish.

With respect to the number of Orthodox churches, North Cyprus will easily compete with the Republic of Cyprus, and no one intends to oppress Orthodoxy or Catholicism.

Who benefits from spreading negative information?

Despite all tolerance and liberality in Europe, it is difficult to find people that hate each other more than the Turks and the Greeks. Hundreds of years of war and mutual grievances are the reason for hostility, and despite all the efforts of other European countries, it has not yet been possible to put an end to the hostility.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the myths about life in North Cyprus are spread by Greeks and Greek Cypriots. And doing, this they kill two birds with one stone: enticing potential tourists and investors and complicating the life of a sworn neighbor.

Similar stories are also distributed (and sometimes invented) in large foreign real estate agencies. And this is quite understandable, because real estate in North Cyprus costs several times cheaper than in Greece or Cyprus, and no one wants to lose promising customers.

ECHR Decision No. 186 as of 05.03.2010

For a long time, Greek Cypriots that forcibly relocated from the northern part of the island were sending statements of claim to the European Court of Human Rights. And most of the demands were unduly overstated and did not correspond to the real state of affairs.

For a decade, such claims were annulled and a consolidated decision to establish a North Cyprus Real Estate Commission was made. From now on, all appeals from relocated persons will be considered only by this commission, and if they are valid, the Government of Turkey will satisfy the claims.

Most emigrants, according to article 8 of the Charter of European Human Rights, have lost the title to their parents’ homes. Greek Cypriots whose former homes are not registered in the Republic of Northern Cyprus cannot sue the ECHR for the return of property rights.

People who lost their homes in the republic were paid monetary compensation or given land in South Cyprus, as decided by the Commission.

Thus, the purchase of a plot of land on the territory of the TRNC is legal and safe. Greek Cypriots can count only on compensation. The compensation for property of North Cyprus is paid by a special Fund financed by the Government of Turkey.

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